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Windows 8 compatible

Windows 8 compatible

Anatomy Model Sets

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Next Generation of 3D Anatomy Training Software

Next Dimension Imaging launches next generation of 3D anatomy training software

(PA) Next Dimension Imaging, a software developer who has specialized in human anatomy training software based on large scale 3D anatomy models, has launched a series of products to address anatomical education at various levels. Products are offered for university level, for training of healthcare related professionals and for biology classes at secondary school level.While anatomical plastics models and charts are still widely dominating teaching aids for anatomical content, Next Dimension Imaging has developed a technology to manage and to visualize the massive data of full body 3D models. Both, comprensive software controlled models with all inner organs included and specialized products, comprising highly detailed models of skeleton, muscles and brain are offered. The software stores english and latin names of thousand of parts of bones and tissue in a large searchable database for reference and rapid access to body systems and close-up views.

Advanced Medical Visualization Technology

Next Dimension Imaging’s proprietary technology to manage and visualize massive model data have formed a foundation for a new generation of teaching and learning aids. The tools which are based on computer hardware, software and 3D modeling technology, go far beyond visual inspection and display of labeled, illustrated graphics, which plastics models and charts can offer. Software controlled 3D models allow advanced interaction processes, facilitate student participation, provide online bindings to related information and are suitable for distance learning.

3D Anatomy Models

Next Dimension Imaging has selected 3D models of high quality for integration into its products, and cooperates with model design companies in order to provide training products of high didactic value. Comprehensive 3-dimensional views and close-up views of up to 4700 organic parts can be quickly created, labeled, colorized and saved. Presentation of complex interrelated content is possible based on multiple interactive viewing windows.

New 3D Anatomy Products Upcoming

The new products cover the human body including all major body systems. Scheduled future products will add more functionality to interact with the model, use further refined 3D models and stronger online bindings. For more information please see the vendors website at A free demo version of the classical BoneLab program can be downloaded from this site.

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