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Windows 8 compatible

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Next Generation 3D Human Muscular System software

October 26, 2010. The next generation of 3D, interactive human Anatomy software for educators and professionals has been released by Next Dimension Imaging, a global leader in medical visualization software.

Breakthroughs in Visualization and Interaction

With the increased performance of personal computers and advanced graphics now available to professionals as well as students, truly interactive, 3d visualization of human anatomy is now available.

History of Human Anatomy Models

The current 3d, interactive human anatomy software is the evolution of a long line of technologies and techiques. Since late the 18th century, students and medical professionals have used physical models to learn from and gain insight into complex human anatomy. Wax models gave way to colored plastic models, which is now being surpassed by 3d human anatomy models which offer unique visualization and interaction not before available.

Cognitive Advances in Learning and Understanding

While interactive anatomy software has been available for a while, there have been signficant limitations to overcome to reach the level of veracity that physical models offer. Compared with 2D image visualization, when it comes to 3D objects, perspective and section targets are essential to accurate visualization. Until recently there was a prevailing paradigm of document-centric, model-centric, and object-oriented visualization which provided a crude form of interactivity akin to flipping through a book rather than viewing an object.

View-Centric Anatomy Software

Next Dimension Imaging has abandoned the prevailing paradigm of document-centric, model-centric, and object-oriented visualization and has successfully implemented a true view-centric human anatomy system. However, this requires the ability to manage a massive amount of information, otherwise resulting in the necessity of splitting the model into smaller components.

Cognitive Visualization Advances in Learning and Understanding

Awareness, recognition and recollection are enhanced by various visualization techniques which have been implemented and in many cases pioneered by Next Dimension Imaging.

Intuitive User Interfaces and Direct Manipulation

Intuitive user interfaces emphasize visual presentation, interaction and visual controls rather than functional controls like buttons and menus. Interactivity is enhanced by controls which provide as much direct manipulation as possible.

Color Coding for Enhanced Recognition and Learning

Very early in its history, Next Dimension Imaging applied auto-colorization and color coding techniques to improve perception and recognition of spatial interrelationship between complex structures. At present, sophisticated, automatic color coding techniques are applied and have become the visual trademark of Next Dimension Imaging anatomic visualization products.

3D Vector Graphics in Human Anatomy Models

When 3D vector graphics has been a young emerging technology, Next Dimension Imaging was one of the first who has applied it and combined it with volumetric data visualization. A web3D-based demonstration of an interactive heart model was displayed on the Next Dimension Imaging website in 1997. The four chambers of the interactive heart model was displayed from web servers on different continents. With Next Dimension Imaging leading the way, visualization of distributed data has become a standard technique.

3D, Interactive Human Anatomy Software Interface

In the early 2000′s Next Dimension Imaging developed the 3D Multi-Windows user interface for simultaneous display of hundreds of 3D windows. Although, this technology could not be applied at that time due to PC performance and stability of the PC graphics environment, it is part of all of Next Dimension Imaging’s newest products. 3D Multi-Windows provides the base for dissecting, part picking and auto-navigation, even if the full 3D model comprises thousands of parts.

Advanced 3d Interactive Anatomy Software Now Available

Next Dimension Imaging has launched a series of products to address anatomical education at various levels. Products are offered for university level, for training of healthcare related professionals and for biology classes at secondary school level. While anatomical plastics models and charts are still widely dominating teaching aids for anatomical content, Next Dimension Imaging has developed a technology to manage and to visualize the massive data of full body 3D models. Both, comprensive software controlled models with all inner organs included and specialized products, comprising highly detailed models of skeleton, muscles and brain are offered. The software stores english and latin names of thousand of parts of bones and tissue in a large searchable database for reference and rapid access to body systems and close-up views.

Next Dimension Imaging’s proprietary technology to manage and visualize massive model data have formed a foundation for a new generation of teaching and learning aids. The tools are based on computer hardware, software and 3D modeling technology. These go far beyond visual inspection and display of labeled, illustrated graphics, which plastics models and charts can offer. Software controlled 3D models allow advanced interaction processes, facilitate student participation, provide online bindings to related information and are suitable for distance learning.

Next Dimension Imaging has selected 3D models of high quality for integration into its products, and cooperates with model design companies in order to provide training products of high didactic value. Comprehensive 3-dimensional views and close-up views of up to 4700 organic parts can be quickly created, labeled, colorized and saved. Presentation of complex interrelated content is possible based on multiple interactive viewing windows.

The new products cover the human body including all major body systems. Scheduled future products will add more functionality to interact with the model, use further refined 3D models and greater integration of online resources.

Muscular System in 3D

The newest addition to the full line of Human Anatomy software is the Muscular System 3D Software product 3D Muscles Teacher. Newly released, this product is targeted at the education market and is affordably priced at 69 Euro.

About Next Dimension Imaging

Next Dimension Imaging is one of the foremost experts in medical visualization. For more than a decade Next Dimension Imaging has pioneered the 3d interactive visualization of human anatomy. Next Dimension Imaging is the leader in large scale 3d anatomy models and visualization software. With offices in Germany and Thailand, Next Dimension Imaging offers downloadable 3D anatomy software for sale online and through various distributors.

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