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Windows 8 compatible

Windows 8 compatible

Anatomy Model Sets

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Customer Feedback

The Anatomy Lab II version is great, it is exactly what I was describing and needed. I really appreciate your support on this matter. -C. Lopez

About Us

Next Dimension Imaging was founded in 1997 in Colorado, USA by Lothar Muench. Originally providing innovative products and solutions for analysis and visualization of large-scale 3D models, since 2007 business operations and research concentrates on medical education software. The founders’ experience in the medical imaging industry includes leading development in various emerging medical 3D imaging modalities.

BoneLab 1 was released in 2008 and defined new standards for human anatomical education software. Libraries of 3D-Views, auto-focus, interactive labeling and structural online bindings are only some of its innovative techniques. BoneLab 1 has been widely used by medical students all over the world. Since then, the quality of detailed full body 3D-models and the performance of computer graphics have made exciting progress and helped us to build better products.

Our 3D-view-centric product architecture and the combination of modern 3D visualization and information technology formed a base for a new generation of learning software beyond printed books, ebooks and 3D viewing. Personalization, aggregation of learning resources, information sharing and instant access to information with the depth of the internet facilitate active learning, creativity and collaborative learning.