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Windows 8 compatible

Windows 8 compatible

Anatomy Model Sets

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Customer Feedback

Ein spitze Programm, kann man echt nur empfehlen ! -B. Lehmann

Win for your Ideas and Suggestions

Share your Idea and Win

Win a free AnatomyLab III, Brain Interactive or 3D Muscles Teacher

1st Price: Your choice of AnatomyLab III or Brain Interactive

2nd Price: 3D Muscles Teacher

What do I have to do for a chance to win?

You might have used BoneLab or 3D Muscles Teacher Demo. Eventually, an idea for an improvement or a suggestion or a helpful new feature, or new functionality came into your mind. In this case, all you have to do, just mail it to

and you can win. If our award committee considers your idea or suggestion as highly relevant, it will be forwarded to our product team for further elaboration. In this case you have won a 1st Price, else you still have a chance to win a 2nd Price. Winners will be notified and receive their Price two weeks after submission.

Why should I participate and why do my ideas have a chance to be rewarded?

As a provider of innovative software we are aware, that YOU, as a healthcare professional or student, know best how our software can become more useful to you. Your creativity is highly valued. Your input and your ideas help to set directions, to facilitate and accelerate the pace of technological advancement of visualization and information systems for human anatomy. By sharing your ideas, you do not only have a chance to win, you also contribute to a faster technological progress, from which you and the large community of your colleagues can only benefit.

And the first winner is…

A 1st Price was awarded in January 2011. Dr. David Smith from Orthopaedic Pain Institute, Kingston, Canada, is the winner of an AnatomyLab III for emailing his idea. BoneLab user David suggested the addition of a magnifying glass tool. Now, our product team is working out his idea. Thank you David!

You can win !

Win for your Ideas and Suggestions
Win for your Ideas and Suggestions
Win for your Ideas and Suggestions