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Windows 8 compatible

Windows 8 compatible

Anatomy Model Sets

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AnatomyLab II

Single User 598 $
AnatomyLab II
5 Seats1750 $
15 Seats2990 $
30 Seats3870 $

System Requirements
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • HD space approx. 100 MB
  • Monitor: 800 x 600 pixels
  • 3D graphic card
  • Pentium III or compatible
  • RAM: at least 1 GB
  • Wheel Mouse

AnatomyLab II

AnatomyLab II is a comprehensive 3D visualization and information system for the anatomy of the human body. The integrated 3D model includes 18 body systems and their unmatched level of detail make it the ultimate tool for studying, lecturing, presenting and reference.

The full body 3D model includes skeleton, muscles, ligaments, circulation, nervous system, brain, heart and inner organs. Sectional views into the body can be interactively created, supported by visual dissection methods. Optional addition of user specific content, and instant access of related online resources make it a comprehensive teaching and learning system which is widely language and culture independent.

AnatomyLab II becomes a powerful teaching aid in the hands of a presenter. For students, it represents a proactive learning environment which can adapt to a specific learning content and habit. AnatomyLab II combines high-end 3D anatomy visualization with modern information technology. With the integration of individual content, aggregation of learning resources and online information access, AnatomyLab II is the base for the 3D human anatomy atlas of the future.

Create sectional Views into the human body quickly

Select a cubical body region interactively. Refine your section by removing all obscuring structures interactively via visual menu. Add auto-hiding labels, notes and colors and save your 3D-view for quick recalling, for presenting, lecturing and for later reference. The collection of 3D-views is arranged in a searchable file tree. View folder management and previewing allow efficient management for a high number of views into the human body.

Fully visual user interface for intuitive and robust operation

The entirely visual user interface with 3D-previewing and 3D-component viewing makes AnatomyLab II well suitable for interactive whiteboard use and for exercising. Students can assemble a sectional model from components by simply clicking small tile windows. The resulting anatomical section is always automatically sized and focused and displayed in the main window for 3-dimensional exploration.

Integrate images drawings and illustrations

2D-Images can be integrated and can be managed like 3D-views. Pointer labels and notes can be attached to 2D-views. While you are adding verbal and visual information, AnatomyLab II becomes a searchable human anatomy atlas adapted to your specific anatomical and physiological teaching and learning content.

Advanced Online Linking

Anatomical, physiological, medical and visual information related to a specific structure can be instantly accessed online. A language sensitive search engine can retrieve information in the local language. If a Wikipedia article for a structure does not exist in the local language, the system defaults to displaying the English article.