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Windows 8 compatible

Windows 8 compatible

Anatomy Model Sets

If you are looking for high quality Anatomy Model sets, check out this site.

Customer Feedback

Ein spitze Programm, kann man echt nur empfehlen ! -B. Lehmann

AnatomyLab IV

Single User 598 $
AnatomyLab IV
5 Seats1750 $
15 Seats2990 $
30 Seats3870 $

System Requirements
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • HD space approx. 250 MB
  • Monitor: 800 x 600 pixels
  • 3D graphic card
  • Pentium III or compatible
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Wheel Mouse

AnatomyLab IV

AnatomyLab IV is a comprehensive system for visualization and information for the anatomy of the human body. It offers a unique 3D-view-centric architecture, instant access to structurally related online information, aggregation of information resources and the option to add own content and case studies. The visualization part is based on a very detailed full body model of highest quality and accuracy.

In addition to the build-in library of 3D-Views, arbitrary views into the human body can be created and added. 3D-Views which can be shared in a local area network and exchanged freely, facilitate proactive learning and can be quickly recalled while presenting or while communicating with a patient.

The intuitive visual user interface allows combination or further dissection of a sectional 3D-View simply by clicking preview thumbnails.

By creating your own 3D-Views and adding view-specific information, AnatomyLab IV becomes your user-specific searchable anatomy atlas with the information depth of the internet.

What else is in AnatomyLab IV ?

  • Full body anatomy including all major body systems in high quality
  • Extendible library of 3D-Views
  • Auto-hiding labels and comment blocks can be interactively added to a 3D-View
  • Instant access to structurally related multimedia information online
  • Dynamic dictionary and search for similar 3D-Views
  • Previewing of saved views and visual combination/dissection of 3D model views
  • Management of structurally related bookmarks
  • Simultaneous display of different views for structural and functional comparison
  • Import images, label and comment it to add your own content and case studies
  • 3D-Views are stored as compact files and can be freely exchanged with other users
  • Online links for Wikipedia, Google images, YouTube and MeSH database
  • Auto-focus, auto-colouring, auto-rotation, animated view transitions, animated playing of a view list