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Windows 8 compatible

Windows 8 compatible

Anatomy Model Sets

If you are looking for high quality Anatomy Model sets, check out this site.

Customer Feedback

Bone Lab is a "lite" version of their full Anatomy Lab and it's awesome. A completely detailed skeleton for you to view with all the parts colorcoded and named. It's fantastic. -T. Dioot


AnatomyLab series was designed to be a series of comprehensive tools for presenting, learning, aggregation of learning information and collaboration. The products represent a proficient blend between 3D visualization technology and information technology.

AnatomyLab products contain 3D models of several complete body systems. While the focus of AnatomtLab III is the skeleton and muscular system, AnatomyLab IV has all major systems integrated including circulation, nerves, brain and inner organs.


AnatomyLab III

AnatomyLab III is a tool for training, presentation, reference and documentation of musculoskeletal anatomy. This easy to use program is based on a new and unique user interface technique for displaying sectional views in separate 3D windows simultaneously. …

AnatomyLab IV

AnatomyLab IV is a comprehensive system for visualization and information for the anatomy of the human body. It offers a unique 3D-view-centric architecture, instant access to structurally related online information, aggregation of information resources and the option to add own content and case studies…