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Windows 8 compatible

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Two New 3D Anatomy Products

Next Dimension Imaging launches two 3D-Anatomy products

Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2. December 2009

Next Dimension Imaging, an innovator in 3D visualization technology, has announced the launch of its Lab II series products, which are offered to professionals and educators related to human anatomy.

Pioneers in Medical Visualization

The vendor, who has pioneered the application of massive human anatomy models in education, has published AnatomyLab II and BoneLab II, which both utilize high-end 3D technology and combine it with information technology. The new products provide 3-dimensional views into the human body, which can be interactively explored, customized and marked up. Online information related to a specific part of the anatomy can be retrieved.

3D Human Anatomy Advantages

The use of computer software and 3D anatomy models compared to other learning aids, like plastics models and drawings, has essential advantages. 3D models are not limited by manufacturing constraints like plastics models, they can provide 3-dimensional information and are not final and limited by the resolution like a printed illustration. 3D anatomy models do not require storage space or dust covers and cannot break. One more important advantage is, that thin layers of tissue and tiny trees of blood vessels and nerves can be modelled.

3D Human Anatomy Features

The new products which can quickly access and search 3D-views for any part of the body, emphasize on user interaction. Due to a technology developed for Lab II series products, the operation is as easy and intuitive as operating a photo viewer software, although all thumbnail views are 3-dimensional. 3D views of the model can be combined to form a new view or dissected to reveal obscured and nested structures. Managing Director Lothar Muench said: “We consider interaction between user and computer as a very creative process. The more the user is in control and is driving this process, the more lasting benefit he gains from it.”

Future of 3D Anatomy

The previous version of BoneLab is meanwhile in use by various groups of professionals: university level and secondary school level teachers, teachers of live savers and physio-therapists, forensic scientists, state attorneys and artists. Many users use the program in conjunction with an interactive whiteboard. The vendor has announced that the future product BrainLab is under development and will be released next year. Further information and a demo program can be found at

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